Q. I want to purchase SUMATOTEK Battery on EMI. Is EMI Option Available? How to purchase on EMI?

A. All SUMATOTEK Batteries can be purchased on EMI. At present EMI Payment Option can be used in 2 situations :

  1. The customer must have a credit card of any Indian Bank.
  2. The customer has a verified account on Zest Money.

    Either One of the above 2 criteria must be fulfilled to get EMI on SUMATOTEK Batteries.

    Once you confirm your order , please speak to our marketing executive and tell him/her that you want to use EMI Payment option. He/She will take your mobile number and then send you the link with the Total Invoice Value + Credit Card Charges. You will receive this link on your mobile number given to the marketing executive. Click on the link and you will find a payment gateway in which you can select EMI Option. Now you can choose your desired time of repayment and the bank. Please note that the marketing executive has no role in giving you EMI other than sending you the link and calculating the total amount. You can choose a variety of options once you open the link.

    Another way you can do this is by purchasing the product on the SUMATOTEK website and then go to the checkout page. You will find an EMI option there and then you can follow steps similar to what was mentioned above.