Q. I was checking out the Product Description of a SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery. On a particular product eg. 60V 30Ah, it is mentioned that the mileage is 80-100Km. What does it mean, please explain?

A. The mileage mentioned on the website gives only an approximate representation of the actual mileage you will receive while driving on road. The mileage is defined for a single person with an average weight of 60-80Kgs. The mileage is expressed in terms of a range and the lower limit is for slightly higher speeds (40-50Km/Hr) and the upper limit is for low speeds (25-30Km/Hr).

Since SUMATOTEK sells batteries for all compatible Electric Scooties in the market, you might experience different mileages in different vehicles under different conditions.

4 Factors affect the mileage of your vehicle while using SUMATOTEK Battery

  1. Type of Vehicle
    1. Motor Wattage :
      1. Low Power – Upto 500W
      2. Medium Power – Upto 1000W
      3. High Power – Greater than 1000W
    2. Controller Type :
      1. Sinusoidal : It consumes less power and is more efficient.
      2. Square Type : It consumes more power and it less efficient.
    3. Vehicle Loading :
    4. Road Type :
    5. Driving Pattern :
    6. Vehicle’s Condition : If your vehicle is old and worn out, chances are your brakes have accumulated dust and might exert a constant pressure on the wheels. If such a condition happens , you may experience less than rated mileage. It is recommended that you service your vehicle regularly, keep the brakes friction free and ensure that the wheels run smoothly even when power is not turned on.
    1. Tyre Pressure : Under low tyre pressure you may experience less than rated mileage. When tyre pressure is low, motor requires more power to drive the same load. It is recommended that you fill the tyre to the optimal pressure to experience the rated mileage.

Q. I am unable to find the product I need? Or I don’t know which battery I should buy?

A. Click on the category – eg. “2 Wheelers” or “Wheelers” or EV Chargers”. Then you can use the filters provided in each category to match your requirement.

For eg. 

1. You can enter the mileage you want to filter the batteries. 

2. You can enter the voltage or if you don’t know the voltage you can chose how many 12V Lead Acid Batteries you have currently in your Vehicle. 

The filters automatically select the best option for your vehicle.