Q. My Sumatotek Charger keeps on charging my Sumatotek Battery for hours and yet the Battery doesn’t full charge? What should I do?

A. First, of all check your average charging duration using our Charging Calculator on our website. You have to select the Ah (Capacity of the Battery) & the A(Ampere) of the Charger.
For eg for a 60V 6A Charger & a 60V 25Ah Battery, Ah value is 25 & A value is 6. When you select these 2, you get the expected charging duration.
Incase your charger is charging for more than the expected charging duration, then check your input supply voltage. In areas, with low input voltages, charging could be slow. Also make sure you don’t use very long extension cables to charge the scooter. It could result in a drop in current output & voltage output.

Even after following all these steps, the charging durations is more than the expected charging duration, you should visit your nearest service centre and look for a replacement. Your charger might be giving less current output than what is rated on the charger.