Q. My SUMATOTEK Lithium-Ion Battery mileage is less than what is shown on the website. What should I do?

A. If you have recently purchased a new SUMATOTEK Lithium-Ion Battery then we recommend you

  1. To service your vehicle for optimal tire pressure and no friction between the brakes and the wheels.
  2. In addition to this, you can also check your horn and light for any damages as they consume extra power when not in working condition.
  3. The wheels should be free to rotate by hand when power is switched off.

    ->Even after doing all the above, your mileage doesn’t improve then you must check
  4. If your charger is properly charging the battery to its fullest. All full charge voltages are mentioned in the product description. Please ensure the battery is charged to its fullest.
  5. Also, discharge the battery and check if the Lower CutOff Voltage falls within the same range as specified on the individual item description.

    ->Even after all these steps if your mileage doesn’t improve check the Stall Current consumption of the motor.
  6. Stall Current Consumption refers to the current consumed by the motor when there is no load i.e no one is sitting on the vehicle. The Current Value should within 5-7A for most vehicles or even lower for low-powered vehicles. If it is higher than 10A then your motor is consuming more power than required.

    ->Further, if your issues are not resolved then you can check
  7. If the battery pack is balanced i.e all rows are at the same voltage. If they are not balanced then the battery 🔋 will not deliver its maximum mileage. But if they are balanced then the issue might be elsewhere.

    Finally the ultimate test would be to put the battery in a charging-discharging machine and check the Battery Capacity. If the Battery Capacity is within 90-100% of the rated value and the rows are balanced then the battery is ok and you should check or change the vehicle. If the battery capacity is less than 90% and the rows are unbalanced then you should send the battery for replacement in case of warranty.