Q. Should I water wash my Electric Scooty? How will it affect my Warranty?

A. No and Yes. If you are confused then let us clear your confusion.
You should not water wash your vehicle with your SUMATOTEK Battery inside the vehicle. Lithium Batteries can be permanently damaged if exposed to water. You can read our blog for the detailed effects of Water on Lithium Batteries.

However, you can water wash your vehicle without the SUMATOTEK Battery inside. As a precautionary step, you should take out the battery, keep it in a safe, cool place, and then wash the vehicle. Also keep in mind that very high pressurized water jets can also get inside the motor if the motor fittings are loose. This happens rarely but it is possible, Install the SUMATOTEK Battery only when the vehicle is completely dry.

If you wish to clean the SUMATOTEK Battery, then use a slightly wet cloth or an Ethyl alcohol/water mix cloth to wipe the battery clean.

Please note that the Warranty of SUMATOTEK Battery is void in case of liquid damage or liquid ingression.