Q. What should I do if my Sumatotek Battery has been damaged by Liquid/Water?

A. If your SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery has come in contact with water, please take it immediately to your nearest dealer and inform him of the same. If you do not take action immediately and wish to delay or not report the incident to the dealer it may damage your SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery permanently. The dealer will take immediate action and ensure that the water doesn’t stay inside the battery. He will open the battery and dry it completely from inside out. He may also need to send the battery immediately to the SUMATOTEK Company Service Center for a thorough checkup. Keep in mind, Fast Action may save your battery. But if you do not report it then the damage due to water retained inside the battery will be permanent and your battery may not be repairable.

NOTE : Once water goes inside the battery by any means, intentional or accidental your battery will be out of warranty but note that we will try our level best to repair it at a nominal cost after the permission of the customer and all charges are to be borne by the customer in that case.