Q. When should I charge my Battery? or What are the Best Charging Practices?

A. You should charge your battery daily. Please note that even if you use the SUMATOTEK Lithium battery for only a small period of time or for a few KM’s per day you should charge your battery daily. For customers who don’t use the vehicle much, even if your battery runs for 2-3 days (or higher) you should not let the battery drain completely before you charge. The same applies to customers who have a high daily usage. The battery should not be drained completely. It should at least have a minimum charge of 30%. Deep Discharging a battery will lead to a decrease in its life time.

Preferred charging time is Late Night to Early Morning when the surrounding is cool and the ambient temperature is at its lowest. Charging the battery raises its temperature by a few degrees and it’s recommended that you charge the battery when the ambient temperature is at its lowest especially in the summers.

Even though SUMATOTEK Lithium Batteries can be charged with a high capacity charger and in a very short duration, it is advised that you charge your battery with a SUMATOTEK Lithium Charger that suits your daily needs and has a low current output. Keep in mind that this is only a recommendation and there is no harm in using a SUMATOTEK FAST Lithium Charger. Slow charging doesn’t heat up the battery much during charging thereby improving battery life.

After using SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery especially during the daytime you should not put the battery to charge immediately. During discharge the battery temperature increases and if the surrounding temperature is high then charging the battery immediately might be hazardous. It could also pose a Fire Risk due to a further increase in temperature. Give at least 30Min to 1 Hour gap after usage before you put the battery to charge.