Q. Where should I install my SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery in my Okinawa Praise Scooty Model?

A. Vertically standing up or on the Sloped Section beneath the Seat. Okinawa Praise is a unique vehicle compared to all other electric vehicles out there. Its battery compartment is longitudinal and starts from below the seat to the end of the leg rest. Its ground clearance is also very low compared to other Electric Scooters. Do not install the battery beneath the leg rest. During raining season if you encounter a pothole filled with water then water might seep into the lower section of the battery compartment. Any contact with water will lead to accelerated corrosion of the battery and its parts. Keep in mind that this is a very important point for areas with heavy rain and coastal districts.
As a good practice, you should install the SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery in 2 ways.

  1. The 1st way is to install it vertically standing up. This will lead to an end of the trunk space and you will have to cut the trunk bottom so that the battery can stand vertically. Okinawa uses the same method of installation in their new models which comes with Lithium-Ion Batteries. Check out this SUMATOTEK YouTube Video on our installation guide.
  2. The 2nd Way is to install it just below the seat at an inclination of about 30Degrees. The inclination is important as it prevents any water from accumulating near the surface of the battery. The top lid of the battery is now at a good height from the ground.

In both these methods you should note that proper packing must ben given so that the battery doesn’t move when the vehicle is running. It may cause snapping of connectors, loosening of welding points and any unintended issues within the battery. The packing must also ensure that the heat of the battery is not trapped within the packing. Do not use flammable materials or heat insulating materials for filing up the empty space near the battery. Weld seal metal clamps to hold the battery in place or place wooden planks to keep them from moving.