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SumatoTek - 72V 50AH Lithium EV Battery


With the highest mileage in its class and up to 200KM Range at Economy speeds, SUMATOTEK 72V 50AH Lithium Battery comes power-packed with a 60A Discharge Rating BMS with an optional up-gradation to 100A. With a pickup better than petrol scooters and a lean size that fits all Electric Scooters, this battery is suitable for heavy loading, multiple passengers, or a long drive. The Lithium Power Cell with a 3X Power Delivery has all the muscle you need to let go of your Range Anxiety. You can get 50KMs worth of charge with 1 Hour of Fast Charging. Take a Long Trip with your friend, partner and feel the wind as you drive the SUMATOTEK 72V 50AH TURBO FUEL.


Deposit : 6500 Per item

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Nominal Voltage: 72V

Upper Voltage Cutoff: 84V

Lower Voltage Cutoff: 61-63V

BMS Continuous Charge/Discharge Current : 60A

BMS Peak Discharge Current: 240A

Nominal Capacity: 49-51Ah

Energy Density: 100-265Wh/Kg

Internal Impedance: 19-21m-Ohm

No of. Life Cycles: 1000

Box Material: MS/Al Alloy

Storage Temp: -20Deg C to 60Deg C

Working Temperature : -5DegC to 45DegC

Sumatotek Warranty Policy 

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 21.0 × 15.3 × 40.0 cm



Battery Type

Li-FePO4 (Lithium Ferro Phosphate), Li-NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt)

Compatible Vehicles

Okinawa I-Praise+, Okinawa Praise, Okinawa Praise Pro

BMS Type

Medium Duty – 60A

Box Material

Metal Alloy


160 – 180 KM

Equivalent to No. of GEL Batteries




Charger Voltage



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