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SumatoTek - 72V 50AH Lithium EV Battery


With the highest mileage in its class and up to 200KM Range at Economy speeds, SUMATOTEK 72V 50AH Lithium Battery comes power-packed with a 60A Discharge Rating BMS with an optional up-gradation to 100A. With a pickup better than petrol scooters and a lean size that fits all Electric Scooters, this battery is suitable for heavy loading, multiple passengers, or a long drive. The Lithium Power Cell with a 3X Power Delivery has all the muscle you need to let go of your Range Anxiety. You can get 50KMs worth of charge with 1 Hour of Fast Charging. Take a Long Trip with your friend, partner and feel the wind as you drive the SUMATOTEK 72V 50AH TURBO FUEL.


Deposit : 5500 Per item

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Nominal Voltage: 72V

Upper Voltage Cutoff: 84V

Lower Voltage Cutoff: 61-63V

BMS Continuous Charge/Discharge Current : 60A

BMS Peak Discharge Current: 240A

Nominal Capacity: 49-51Ah

Energy Density: 100-265Wh/Kg

Internal Impedance: 19-21m-Ohm

No of. Life Cycles: 1000

Box Material: MS/Al Alloy

Storage Temp: -20Deg C to 60Deg C

Working Temperature : -5DegC to 45DegC

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 21.0 × 15.3 × 40.0 cm



Battery Type

Li-FePO4 (Lithium Ferro Phosphate), Li-NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt)

Compatible Vehicles

Okinawa I-Praise+, Okinawa Praise, Okinawa Praise Pro

BMS Type

Medium Duty – 60A

Box Material

Metal Alloy


160 – 180 KM

Equivalent to No. of GEL Batteries




Charger Voltage


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  1. Rajnish Kumar

    बहुत ही घटिया किस्म की बैट्री है ये, इनका काम झूठ बोल कर कस्टमर को फसाना और उनसे पैसे ऐंठने है, मै खुद इनके झूठ मे फस कर 60000 रुपए का नुकसान kr के बैठा हूं, इनकी दी गई बैट्री 1 साल भी ठीक तरह से नहीं निकलती, इनके चक्कर मे कोई भी ना आए, अगर किसी को भरोसा नही मेरी बात पर तो खुद ले लो इनसे बाद मे रोते रहो फिर, ये फोन भी नहीं उठाते हैं, ऐसे है ये,

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