Open a SUMATOTEK Authorised Service Center Franchise in your City.

Read Before Requesting Support

YOU as a Customer/Dealer will benefit the most from SUMATOTEK’s Unique Ticket System for Support & Services.

1. You will have a proof ready for you to show to anyone in the Company even if you are not in touch with your Sales Representative. It will help you get your service done faster. 
2. You will get a well documented reply from our SERVICE TEAM containing full SERVICE Report. You wont have to haggle and call us for updates.
3. You can view all your complaints in the VIEW TICKETS Page at once. No more fighting over what you said/what the company said. All conversations/reports are there for you to see anytime.
4. You have the luxury of time to raise your ticket irrespective of the Office Hours of SUMATOTEK. You can raise a ticket even in the middle of the night. 
5. Having a complaint number will ensure. your product doesn’t get lost or misplaced at any point during the Service Process. 

After all we are living in the DIGITAL AGE and having a smooth online support system is cool and way more awesome than arguing over phone. We want you to be free of doubts, worries while your product is here at SUMATOTEK.

Please read the FAQ section before raising a ticket. We request you to only raise a ticket if your product is not functioning even after repeated tries and attempts or if you have not found your solution in the FAQ section. The FAQ section contains answers to most commonly asked questions. 

If you have decided to raise a ticket please note that you must fill-in all the details correctly so as to help the support executive understand your issue correctly. If your issue cannot be solved over chat you can request a call while chatting with the support executive. 

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