Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. WARRANTY is defined as a written promise by a company that in case of a fault found by the user, the company will repair/replace the product to the customer satisfaction provided it satisfies the terms and conditions set by the company whereas
    • Fault: Refers to any manufacturing defect either present from the day of sale or a gradual defect due to Nominal use but not Over Use or Misuse by the customer. 
    • Nominal Use: Refers to the process of using it as intended and not for heavy/other applications other than mentioned in the brochure under standard conditions of temperature, humidity, and pressure. 
    • Warranty Activation: Warranty is activated only after the customer registers his/her product on the company website. The process of registering for a warranty can be found in the FAQ section of the SUMATOTEK website. 
    • Period of Warranty
      • The period of warranty is as stated in the Invoice with a nominal value of 3 Years on a 2+1 year model or a Fixed Number of KM’s for a particular Sumatotek Lithium Battery Whichever earlier.
        • The default number of KM’s is specified on each product’s description or as specified in individual invoices. If nothing is specified on the invoice the default would be assumed. 
        • In the initial 2 years or within the specified KM limit, the Sumatotek Lithium Battery will be repaired first &  if the repair is un-successful it will be replaced. 
        • The 3rd year (extended year) is a service only warranty period. If any parts are to be changed within this period  they will be chargeable as per out spare parts price list. 
        • Please note that the standard warranty & the service warranty both will expire if the Sumatotek Lithium Battery has run more than the specified KM’s. 
        • Towards the end of Life SumatoTek in accordance with a dealer could propose an exchange scheme with discount options after proper inspection of the battery and its remaining SOC. Such an offer does not promote refund and allows only for exchange discounts only on new SumatoTek purchases. 
      • Warranty Void Conditions: 
        • Liquid, External Damage, Fire Damage/Inappropriate Wiring/ Shorting or mishandling during or post-installation
        • Non Maintenance of Serial Number wise entry for KM Readings as per warranty conditions. 
        • Absence of serial number on the battery/Lost Warranty Card
        • Absence/Malfunctioning  of KM Reading indicator on the customer’s vehicle
        • Swelling/Internal Damage due to use of the non-recommended charger. 
      • Replacement Transportation Charges:
        • 0-6 months : Both sides courier charges to be borne by Sumatotek.
        • 6-12 months : 1-side courier charge to be borne by Dealer/Customer, 1-side courier charge to be born by Sumatotek. 
        • 12-36 months : All courier charges are to be borne by customer/dealer. 
        • The above rules are applicable at all our Authorised Sumatotek Service Centers. 
        • Please note that Sumatotek will bear the courier charges with our approved/partnered courier partners only. 

NOTE: Unauthorized claims will be rejected outright. As per the technical datasheet batteries tend to deteriorate over time and therefore deterioration due to natural degradation is not covered under warranty. Functional Warranty is valid for the entire period as defined above.

ACTIVE Dealers get priority in Warranty Claims. (Active Dealers : Billing within 3 Months).

INACTIVE Dealers warranty claims shall be service as per the generated ticket with their turn arriving as per the queue. 

For Customers who have purchased a Sumatotek Lithium Battery through a dealer , if the DEALER denies service then he/she (the dealer) will have to pay a CUSTOMER HANDLING FEE for such customers getting their product serviced by the company directly.


As per our Warranty Policy we need to check 3 things for Warranty Claim.

1. Current KM Reading of the vehicle whose chassis number was entered during Sumatotek Lithium Battery Warranty Registration. For this a single video needs to be made in which the chassis number & Vehicle’s KM Reading is clearly visible. The Chassis number must match with the value entered during Warranty Registration. 

2. Warranty Registration mail confirmation as received by the Customer. 

3. Customer Purchase Invoice as generated by the Dealer or Company in case of direct purchase. 

You can also check your Warranty Card, Terms & Conditions of Warranty Void are mentioned on the Warranty Card.

You cannot register for warranty after 15 days of purchase. Your claim will be rejected if the invoice date is more than 15 days before the Warranty Registration Date.

For Out of Warranty Sumatotek Lithium Batteries , a Standard Service Chart is Provided which can be downloaded from the link below.