Q. I have received 2 connectors with my newly purchased SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery and Charger. What should I do with them or how should I use them with my Electric Scooty?

A. First of all, congratulations on your newly purchased SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery and Charger. When you unbox your battery and charger you may find 1 or 2 types of connectors within the package contents depending on your choice of items during purchase.

  1. Industrial Connector: Discharging / Charging
  2. 3 Pin Socket: Charging Only

    The 1st connector or the Industrial connector is a 50A rated heavy discharge connector suitable for heavy load applications. Use this connector to attach the SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery to the Electric Scooter. This connector will be connected to the Positive and Negative Battery connections of the controller.
    In the case of an old model Electric Scooter, these Positive and Negative Battery connections are the same that were previously connected to the GEL Batteries. Note that in the case of GEL Batteries there are 4/5/6 batteries connected in series and therefore you will find the Positive connection at the Positive Pin of the 1st Battery and the Negative connection at the Negative Pin of the Last Battery (4/5/6th Battery for 48V/60V/72V respectively).
    Do not forget to insulate the connection before you connect the battery and always remember to turn off the MCB and then connect the battery.

    The 3 Pin Socket is an additional socket that may or may not come to your use depending on the model of the Electric Scooter you are using at the moment. This connector is provided to replace the charging socket provided below the seat which is used to charge the battery without opening the scooter seat or the boot space. Different vehicles have different wiring connections. The connector has 3 terminals but only 2 are used. The polarity of the connector is given in the product’s description.
    Once you have installed the 3 Pin Socket always remember to check the polarity of the charger and the 3 Pin Socket and ensure that the positive pin of the charger goes into the positive pin of the connector. If the connections are reversed then the charger may get damaged and such chargers are not covered under warranty.
    Do not use the 3 Pin Socket for discharging the battery. It has a maximum rating of 10A and may pose a fire risk due to excessive heat if loaded with high currents.