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Generate a new ticket by filling the form below. Please ensure that you fill in all the details correctly.

1. Do not generate multiple tickets for the same issue.
2. Always mention your issue in detail in the Description area. It will help us understand you issue correctly. In case you are sending Chargers along with Battery to us for replacement then mention the full contents of your parcel in the description along with Tracking Details of the Courier/Transport. if not informed in advance in the ticket, we do not hold responsibility if materials get lost.
3. We would recommend you to LOGIN with your GOOGLE Account before you Raise a Ticket. If you are already logged in, then you can immediately View Your Tickets once you raise them.
4.  In case you are confused and seem hesitant to fill in all the fields, we advise you to clearly mention Your Name/Company Name, Email ID, Phone Number and Battery Serial Number. The rest of the fields can be filled as N/A. We will call you for clarification and fill in the details for you.
5. We wont be able to process your ticket without a correct Serial Number. You product may also get lost if you send it to us without raising a ticket or raising a ticket with incorrect Serial Number. You will find the Serial Number on the Battery Box, On the Warranty Card or mentioned on the Invoice/Sales Order. 

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Description of your Issue *Please describe the nature of your issue in detail. If you are sending the Battery along with Charger to us then mention explicitly that you have also sent the Charger along with Battery in the parcel. Also mention the Tracking Details of the Courier/Transport.