Q. Can I take out my SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery out of my OKOYAMA Electric Scooter to charge it? or Is my SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery detachable ?

A. Yes, You can charge your SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery directly with a SUMATOTEK Lithium Charger. You can detach the SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery from your OKOYAMA Electric Scooter & charge it in your home/office or any other place.

SUMATOTEK Lithium Batteries generally posses 2 connectors :

  1. White/Industrial Connector : For Discharging / Charging.
  2. Black/3-Pin Socket : For Charging.

You can insert the charger in both the connector depending on the charger type.

Q. My Sumatotek Charger keeps on charging my Sumatotek Battery for hours and yet the Battery doesn’t full charge? What should I do?

A. First, of all check your average charging duration using our Charging Calculator on our website. You have to select the Ah (Capacity of the Battery) & the A(Ampere) of the Charger.
For eg for a 60V 6A Charger & a 60V 25Ah Battery, Ah value is 25 & A value is 6. When you select these 2, you get the expected charging duration.
Incase your charger is charging for more than the expected charging duration, then check your input supply voltage. In areas, with low input voltages, charging could be slow. Also make sure you don’t use very long extension cables to charge the scooter. It could result in a drop in current output & voltage output.

Even after following all these steps, the charging durations is more than the expected charging duration, you should visit your nearest service centre and look for a replacement. Your charger might be giving less current output than what is rated on the charger.

Q. When should I charge my Battery? or What are the Best Charging Practices?

A. You should charge your battery daily. Please note that even if you use the SUMATOTEK Lithium battery for only a small period of time or for a few KM’s per day you should charge your battery daily. For customers who don’t use the vehicle much, even if your battery runs for 2-3 days (or higher) you should not let the battery drain completely before you charge. The same applies to customers who have a high daily usage. The battery should not be drained completely. It should at least have a minimum charge of 30%. Deep Discharging a battery will lead to a decrease in its life time.

Preferred charging time is Late Night to Early Morning when the surrounding is cool and the ambient temperature is at its lowest. Charging the battery raises its temperature by a few degrees and it’s recommended that you charge the battery when the ambient temperature is at its lowest especially in the summers.

Even though SUMATOTEK Lithium Batteries can be charged with a high capacity charger and in a very short duration, it is advised that you charge your battery with a SUMATOTEK Lithium Charger that suits your daily needs and has a low current output. Keep in mind that this is only a recommendation and there is no harm in using a SUMATOTEK FAST Lithium Charger. Slow charging doesn’t heat up the battery much during charging thereby improving battery life.

After using SUMATOTEK Lithium Battery especially during the daytime you should not put the battery to charge immediately. During discharge the battery temperature increases and if the surrounding temperature is high then charging the battery immediately might be hazardous. It could also pose a Fire Risk due to a further increase in temperature. Give at least 30Min to 1 Hour gap after usage before you put the battery to charge.

Q. My vehicle charging connector is different than that of the SUMATOTEK Lithium Charger. What should I do?

A. You need to change your vehicle charging connector. We provide a compatible female connector with our SUMATOTEK Lithium Charger. Remove the battery first, then connect/solder the wires carefully with the connector provided. Be careful to check the polarity of the connector after you have connected/soldered the wires with the connector. Also, note that in case you exchange the polarity (connect the terminals wrongly or in opposite direction) of the connector then the charger might get damaged. So be careful before you connect the battery or charger. Double-check the connections and verify if they are connected and insulated properly.

Q. Should I use my existing LEAD-ACID/GEL Battery Charger to charge my new SUMATOTEK Lithium-Ion Battery/Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery?

A. No, we do not recommend using your existing LEAD ACID/GEL Battery Charger for your new SUMATOTEK Lithium-Ion Battery / Ferro Phosphate Battery. Even if the upper cutoff voltage is the same, LEAD ACID/GEL Batteries use Constant Voltage Charging Methods while Lithium-Ion Battery Chargers use Constant Voltage and Constant Current Methods to charge the battery. Simply put, one can say that when the Lithium Battery Voltage is low, Lithium Charger lowers its voltage while delivering constant current and as battery voltage reaches within 90% of its upper cutoff voltage, the Lithium Charger decreases its current while keeping the voltage constant. however, this doesn’t happen with the LEAD ACID/GEL Battery Chargers. The LEAD-ACID/GEL Battery Charger can charge the Lithium Battery but it will hamper the No. of Cycles of the Lithium Battery. It might also pose a fire hazard in case of overcharging since low-cost LEAD ACID/ GEL Battery Chargers are quite popular and do not have strict upper cutoffs, which is very important for Lithium Batteries. Lithium Batteries tend to heat up or cause fire hazards if the cell voltage exceeds its maximum ratings even by a few millivolts.